What happen to "Old School" Caches & Travel Bugs

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I have been caching for 12 years now and I remember when caches where bigger then a 35mm film container. A "old school" cache is where you had a least a .15 walk/hike on a trail, the cache was big enough (ammo can) for alot of swag, and was worth the walk/hike. Now a days (myself included) the urban caches have taken over and it is seems how many we can hide within the (.10 distance away) it used to be .15 away. These micro have no room for swag and they are put out to quickly increase your stats. When did this change happen? When I hide a micro cache and a "old school" cache it is amazing how many more finds the micro gets  compared to the "old school" cache. Even the patterns of the cacher have changed.

Also I remember when owning a travel bug and releasing it was a big deal, now a days if you relaese one it will become MIA in a few short months. Cachers have changed also, I used to travel several miles to cache that I already found that had a travel bug in it and it was race to get it before anyone else to retrieve. This new option of "discovering" a trackable has taken the fun out travel bugs, cachers get there stats and that famous trackable icon on there profile but they do nothing to help the travel bug in its goal.

Geocaching has changed and my thought it is slowly getting away from the foundation that it was created several years ago, dont get me wrong change is good. But where are the Geocaching values that used to be in place?


P.S I have retired all my Mini Micros and have replaced them with new containers or archived the cache