What happens to geocaches of a CO who dies?

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I've been planning a number of caching runs for Indiana this summer, and came across 2 different series that look like a lot of fun.  When I was reviewing a couple of the log entries for the various caches, I discovered that the CO had suddenly passed away back in January.

This cacher is well-liked by his peers, has put out some quality stuff and also placed upwards of 200 caches. It got me wondering... if this scenario were to happen to somebody I know, is there a way to offer to adopt the caches through groundspeak? I would guess that the spouse of the cacher might not know what needs to be done in order to adopt out the caches (doesn't know passwords to access the site, is unfamiliar with navigating through things, or just doesn't care about such things when he/she has just lost the most important person in their lives).

My guess, in the meantime, the locals will maintain the caches, but it probably won't last.

Just curious....