Where do you find your containers?

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I'm fairly new to IGO and geocacheing, but am loving the activity and the community.  I discovered that I like hiding caches almost more than finding them.  With the activity of creating and hiding caches I have found that I live in a world full of possible cache containers.  That said, I have also discovered an excellent source for creative containers and ideas.  I now visit my local Goodwill store, usually once a week.  I have found tons of possible containers and sparked many ideas for hides just by looking through their seemingly endless shelves of houswares items. One persons junk is another persons geocache. :)  Of course, I now keep a much closer watch on the peanut butter jars and asprin bottles in the house and have found myself estimating when exactly they might be empty and ready for use.  Ialso now have boxes full of containers and ideas that I dont have enough time to put into action.  So, I guess it's good to have options.   My point here is this, I have now revealed my secret source for neat containers and inspiration.  Does anyone else have a secret source they would like to share???