Which Way Do I Jump Here?

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Here's an oddity that I hope you savvy cachers can answer for me.  I adopted a multi-cache last fall that dates back to 2003.  A cacher emailed me to ask if I could confirm the coords for the final stage of the cache.  When I brought up the cache page, I looked, but couldn't find a notation of the waypoint for the final.  It's not built into the cache page.

This opened up a can of worms for me.  First off, while I'm confident the coords provided by my friend are correct, I'm not 100% certain that they are (it was one of the first caches I ever found, and I didn't take very good notes back then).  It also got me to wondering as to how a reviewer would ever know the final location of the cache if there are no posted coords for it. Seems like it could create a problem for any new cache being placed in the area.

I'm going out there some time in the next few weeks to check and confirm the coords for the final.  That should be straightforward enough.  BUT, do I need to add the waypoint for the final to the cache page?  If I do, will it show up on the map for the reviewer?  How many caches like this exist?  When did it become protocol to submit all waypoints for mystery and multi-caches, instead of just the initial location?

Weird.  Interesting, but weird....