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Type Description Created Link

WC Avian Adventure Windflower by LogannRoberts, Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2014-04-02 Click to View Listing

Rock and/or Roll by Topikk & riekelly, Traditional Cache (3/1)

2013-07-23 Click to View Listing

Birdies love me! by asklearningcenter, Traditional Cache (2.5/1.5)

2012-02-20 Click to View Listing

Brownie Beanie by BuckeyeView & DuoToneKatz, Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2011-06-21 Click to View Listing

Street Sign Series: What is the Street Name? by cookshome, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)

2011-03-20 Click to View Listing

They Will Make Time For You by cookshome, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)

2010-04-04 Click to View Listing

Book'em Danno by train4347, Traditional Cache (1/1)

2009-04-22 Click to View Listing

Tony Hawk would be proud by Cubcadet/Soccerguy 33, Traditional Cache (2/1)

2009-03-29 Click to View Listing

Windflowers's hidden cache by Cubcadet/Soccerguy33, Traditional Cache (1.5/1)

2008-08-30 Click to View Listing