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The icons in the map below represent Iowa caches (excluding events) in the grid square(s) you specified.

The map and table (below the map) will show up to 100 caches at a time. Use the "pager" (if available below the map) to page through the cache list.

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Type Description Created Link

Simpson Barn by bucknuts, Wherigo Cache (1.5/1.5)

2013-08-03 Click to View Listing

Dodge Defenders by bucknuts, Wherigo Cache (1.5/2)

2012-09-26 Click to View Listing

Musical Madness #4 by Longjetty7 and Riley_NT, Unknown Cache (3/2.5)

2012-06-06 Click to View Listing

Tom's Birthday Cache by Baileyx5, Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2011-06-17 Click to View Listing

Language by bucknuts, Unknown Cache (5/1.5)

2011-05-15 Click to View Listing

olkb Ker Plunks 2k by bucknuts, Traditional Cache (3.5/1.5)

2009-06-05 Click to View Listing

In Their Honor by The NVG, Multi-cache (2/1.5)

2006-05-27 Click to View Listing