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The icons in the map below represent Iowa caches (excluding events) in the grid square(s) you specified.

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Type Description Created Link

Slow down! Where's the fire? by croling, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)

2017-12-05 Click to View Listing

Lilly's Goliath Second by galvinfranks, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)

2014-11-12 Click to View Listing

cheeto's first hide by cheetoman79, Traditional Cache (2/3)

2013-07-22 Click to View Listing

31 Days of Caching bellcurve #3 by bellcurve, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)

2013-07-22 Click to View Listing

Spring 2011 Hwy Clean-up by Repmul, Traditional Cache (2.5/1.5)

2011-04-30 Click to View Listing

The twins by RthreeV, Traditional Cache (2/2.5)

2009-08-04 Click to View Listing

B.P. Micro 2 by Blue Grass Tom, Traditional Cache (2/2)

2008-04-14 Click to View Listing

B.P. Micro by spivababe (spiva)(adopted by BB), Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2007-10-16 Click to View Listing