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The icons in the map below represent Iowa caches (excluding events) in the grid square(s) you specified.

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Type Description Created Link

The Selfie King of Southeastern Iowa by Hill Folk, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)

2014-09-07 Click to View Listing

Lend Me A Hand by Team Spank8401, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)

2014-08-16 Click to View Listing

Basilisk by Team Spank8401, Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5)

2014-06-24 Click to View Listing

Are we swimming? by sheldenn, Traditional Cache (4/1.5)

2013-03-23 Click to View Listing

Yom Kippur by RedDarling, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)

2012-09-26 Click to View Listing

Eagle Has Landed by RedDarling, Traditional Cache (1.5/2)

2010-12-09 Click to View Listing

RAGBRAI "09" Hope the river don't come out!!!! by The Finch Farmers, Traditional Cache (1.5/2)

2009-07-08 Click to View Listing

Erin Go Braugh!!! by Evil Empire and speedtrap55, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)

2009-03-16 Click to View Listing

Critters-R-Us by speedtrap55, Evil Empire & HC, Traditional Cache (1/1)

2008-06-04 Click to View Listing