Welcome to Bucky's Challenge 2020

The Iowa Geocachers Organization and the Iowa DNR are excited to bring you this year’s 2020 Bucky's Challenge to coincide with their centennial celebration! This year; 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Parks system and the Iowa Geocachers Organization along with Bucky want to help celebrate with them by taking you to their list of 70 state parks. 


The first thing to do is print off the required “CHALLENGE” sign and download the State Parks Waypoints GPX file. The GPX file contains the locations of the State Parks we’ll be using from a list on the Iowa DNR’s website.


Once you have arrived at the waypoint, you will need to take a picture with the following requirements:


  1. A clear selfie of you with the "CHALLENGE" sign and the State Park Sign in the background.

  2. Email the picture to buckychallenge@yahoo.com to get credit for this year’s challenge, include the State Park name in the subject line, add your geocaching name and your mailing address in the body of the email, so if you qualify to receive a coin it can be mailed to you.

  3. Please indicate in the email if you DO NOT agree to let us post your photo on the IGO Instagram account.

  4. This year’s participants may receive a geocaching coin with the state park centennial on one side and Iowa Geocachers Organization on the other for doing the following:

    • Visit & take your picture at 15 parks = $12 coin

    • Visit & take your picture at 70 Parks = Free coin (one per family additional coins are $12)

    • All others may purchase the coin during and after Hike-N-Seek 2020 for $20


EXTRA RULES and fine print:

  • The SAME person MUST be in each photo submitted to get credit

  • The “CHALLENGE” sign must be included in the photo

  • The State Park sign must be in the background

  • The Iowa DNR does not want anyone pulling off the side of the road to take a selfie, so find a parking spot. Not doing so could get you a ticket. Signs are posted saying “Do not park on the side of the road”.

  • All COVID-19 rules apply                                                                                                           

  • The deadline for photo submissions and discounted coins is September 23, 2020 at midnight.

  • The rest of the coins will be available for sale starting at Hike-N-Seek 2020 September 25th-27th and the store after that.

The following coordinates have been updated in the GPX file: Named Bucky2020V5

Brushy Creek Recreational Area N42 22.242 W93 58.278

Nine Eagles State Park  N40 35.309 W93 45.253

Twin Lakes State Park   N42 28.760 W94 37.808

Viking Lake State Park  N40 58.388 W95 02.727