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February 2020 COTM Winner- inheritthefire

Join the IGO in congratulating the COs of the February COTM winning geocache.

The theme was: Winter Friendly

The winning cache was:

by inheritthefire

11 Questions Later..

Mike Koren- inheritthefire

Mason City Stonehenge

1. Tell us about the COTM winning geocache. Was there an inspiration?

Geocaching started as just something to do with friends in our hometown and surrounding areas to kill time. Eventually we opted for more difficult to get to hides, as these seemed most appealing. Eventually it became a series of one uping eachother with progressively harder climbs.

I don't recall specifically where this one fell in the back and forth, but after stumbling upon these old foundations in the middle of a neighborhood we knew they deserved a cache.

2. How many geocaches have you found?

I am at 140 finds over a number of years. Unfortunately, I don't get as much opportunity to go caching since graduating college and starting my career several years ago.

3. How many geocaches have you hidden?

Four in total, but three are now disabled. One was repeatedly vandalized, one was hidden under a bridge that was ultimately torn down, and another was in an area that was just too highly trafficked.

4. How many countries have you geocached in?

Only the U.S. so far.

5. Why did you start geocaching?

My friends and I ran out of activities in our home town and started looking for ways to explore more. Geocaching became an easy option to have a set goal and provide us with some exercise after school or work.

6. Which cache is your favorite hide?

My favorite hide was one I made in Ames, Iowa - "Brookside Park Troll." The hide was up underneath an abandoned railroad bridge where each tie had been painted and graffitied in a variety of colors.

7. Which was your favorite find or most memorable?

"The Sword in the Stone - Iowa"

It fully lived up to its name and was a great find on my way back to school at ISU after a weekend at home.

8. Which is your favorite type of geocache?

I enjoy either puzzles that must be solved to open the cache or difficult to get to caches.

9. Which Iowa county are most of your geocaches hidden in?

Most were hidden in Cerro Gordo, but one was located in Story County.

10. What is your current geocaching goal?

Since moving to Missouri for work I haven't been able to cache much. My current goal would be to get back in the habit and explore my new state.

11. Which achieved goal are you most proud of?

Reaching 100 finds was a great moment, and definitely a proud one.

Post created by-Bob Koranda, a1bob66

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