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People's Choice Awards

The Iowa Geocachers Organization hosts a People's Choice Awards Banquet each spring to recognize all of our great geocachers.

Our 2023 event will be held in Clear Lake on April 30, 2023. This will give everyone an opportunity to revisit the location of the 2022 Hike-N-Seek and chase any caches you didn't have a chance to last fall!

You can visit the event page to log your Will Attend by clicking HERE. The location of the event will be:

Lakeview Community Center

10 N Lake View Dr

Clear Lake, IA 50428

If you want to make it a whole weekend, check out these additional events:

If you are interested in chasing the nominated caches, you can find a public bookmark list HERE. You can also scan this QR Code to access/download the list.











The 2023 categories are:

1.  Most Creative Traditional Cache - any traditional geocache that went above and beyond in location, description, container, etc.

2. Most Creative Multi-Cache - any multi-cache that went above and beyond in location, description, container, etc.

3. Most Creative Mystery/Puzzle Cache - any mystery/puzzle geocache that went above and beyond in location, description, puzzle, container, etc.

4. Most Extreme Cache - a geocache with a difficulty or terrain rating of at least 3.0 that truly pushed your limits either in finding or reaching it.

5. Best Handicapped Accessible Cache - any geocaches with either the handicapped-accessible attribute or terrain rating of 1.0.

6. Best Online Photo - photos submitted by anyone with logs in 2022 on any Iowa geocache (cache does not need to be published in 2022)

7. Best Online Log - logs submitted by anyone in 2022 on any Iowa geocache (cache does not need to be published in 2022)

8. Outstanding GeoArt - any collection of geocaches of any type that create a picture on the cache map (collection of caches that form a picture will only be considered for this category and cannot be nominated for outstanding series).

9. Outstanding Series - any collection of geocaches hidden by one or more coordinated CO's that revolve around a theme (collection of caches for this category do not form a picture on the map and cannot be nominated for outstanding geoart).

10. Event of the Year - any event type is eligible; if it is an invidual's annual event and has won this award before, it is not eligible. The annual Hike-N-Seek event is not eligible for this award.

11. Best Gadget Cache - a unique container that you had to solve in order to get to the log sheet


  • All nominations need to be for geocaches hidden in the state of Iowa during 2022, unless indicated otherwise. All nominations will be reviewed to ensure eligibility within the nominated category.

  • A collection of caches can only be nominated for either GeoArt OR Series, not both.

  • You need to be an active member of IGO to be eligible to vote. If you are unsure if you are an active member, you can email to check your status.

And the winners are...

2023 Winners (for caches placed in 2022):

  • Most Creative Traditional Cache

    • GC9TH4Y - Blinded by the Light by The5thK

  • Most Creative Multi-Cache​

    • GCA1Q6N - West Side Trail Chud by ironheadr5

  • Most Creative Mystery/Puzzle Cache​

    • GC9PVQH - Tell Me a Story, Grandma, AL Bonus by looking4gems

    • GC9TK0D - This'll be the cache Clear Lake! by ClearLakeIowa

  • Most Extreme Cache​

    • GC9P541 - Rainbow Room by birgenfamily

  • Best Handicapped Accessible Cache​

    • GC9P8FW - Little Brown Church - Virtual Reward 3.0 by remy8

  • Best Online Photo​

    • markayla

  • Best Online Log​

    • CrimeFighter89

  • Outstanding GeoArt​

    • HnS Guitar - GC9TX9D by The5thK

  • Outstanding Series

    • ​Old MacDonald Had a Farm Series - GC9WQW7 by The5thK​

  • Event of the Year

    • GC9W3VR - Flash to the Crash by Parentsof4Ks

  • Best Gadget Cache

    • GC9N932 - Is Aceey NUTS? by I.M. Nuts (a.k.a. Aceey)


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