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Bucky's Challenge

Bucky's Challenge is an annual challenge hosted by Bucky himself (and the IGO Board) to encourage people to visit all corners of our great state of Iowa. Below is a list of challenges Bucky has issued.



  • 2023 - Bucky Calls Their Shot (Baseball Fields)

  • 2022 - Rockin' with Bucky (Freedom Rocks)

  • 2021 - Bucky Goes to Court (county courthouses)

  • 2020 - Iowa State Parks Challenge

  • 2019 - Bucky's Burma Shave Challenge

  • 2018 - Bucky's Great Eats Challenge (restaurants)

  • 2017 - Bucky's Sweet Treat Challenge (ice cream shops)

  • 2016 - Bucky's Pioneer Cemetery Challenge

  • 2015 - Bucky Salutes Veterans (veteran monuments)

  • Bucky Visits Murals

Bucky has also recently released an official Bucky's Challenge hat (hat logo is below). These hats are currently available for pre-order sale in the IGO Store. There are two options available, fitted or adjustable. Pre-order sales will only be available thru February 28, 2023, so get yours ordered today! They'll be available for pick up at the People's Choice Awards event.








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