Welcome to Bucky's Challenge 2022










First, you will need to print the required “CHALLENGE” sign and download the Freedom Rocks Waypoint GPX file. The GPX file contains the locations of all 99 Freedom Rocks used in this challenge.


Once you have arrived near the waypoint, you will need to take a picture with the following requirements:


  1. A clear selfie of you with the "CHALLENGE" sign and the Freedom Rock in the background.

  2. Email the picture to buckychallenge@gmail.com (please note the new email address!) to get credit for this year’s challenge, include the county name in the subject line and add your geocaching name to the body of the email. Please send one picture/county per email

  3. Please indicate in the email if you DO NOT agree to let us post your photo on the IGO Instagram account.

  4. All 2022 challenge participants will receive a Bucky’s Challenge pathtag and will be entered into a drawing for prizes based on the regions. Each submission earns you one entry into that region’s drawing. There will be an additional drawing for those who visit all 99 Freedom Rocks.


EXTRA RULES and fine print:

    • The SAME person MUST be in each photo submitted to get credit.

    • The “CHALLENGE” sign must be included in the photo.

    • The Freedom Rock must be in the background.

    • All COVID-19 rules apply.                                                                                                           

    • The deadline for photo submissions is September 4, 2022 at 11:59pm.