Iowa Geocachers Organization’s

People’s Choice Awards 2019 Recap

“TREEmendous Awards”

April 27, 2019


Another successful event is in the books! The event this year was hosted in Cedar Rapids at the public library in their Whipple Auditorium. Not only was the venue amazing, but the treats, all created within the TREEmendous theme, were excellent.


Congratulations to all the 2018 winners!


Outstanding Series Winner: It's Instrumental by DTC BEARSnMATHMATE (GC7VHDZ)


Most Creative Winner: Heads Up! by Aceey (GC7V03N)


Outstanding GeoArt Winner: Noteworthy by QCAC (GC7PBJ8)


Best Online Log Winner: 2RottenPears for their log on Merry Christmas from Cheetoman79 (Lock 171) (GC81MH7)


Event of the Year Winner: Hike-N-Seek 2018 by QCAC (GC7JAM0)


Most Extreme Cache Winner: Escape from the Troll by Aceey (GC7MHPF)


Best Online Photo Winner: Burnt Turtles,h_1800,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/1e7509_018859506e5c4da2a76b54b8cf2e950b~mv2.jpg


Most Favorited Cache Winner: Unchained by markayla (GC7NCVB)