Online Election of BOD Runs August 15-29

Each candidate has been asked to update their profile data to include some background information and/or a campaign 'pitch'. Visit the online poll at and click on any candidate's name to open a new window or tab showing their profile. Only registered members can see the election material and only registered voting members can cast a ballot.

Change of Policy Iowa State Parks

New Policy on Geocaching and Iowa State Parks.

Images of the IGO
Bridal Veil Falls GC3WZRC by looking4gems
Hike -n- Seek 2007 - Marshalltown - Group Photo
Maquoketa Caves Earthcache GC5C66R1 by looking4gems
Power10 Powers of Ten: 10 - 10 - 10
bluebluecoyote in front on one of Bucky's Murals in Fairfield, IA.
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Our Mission: To support and promote geocaching in and around Iowa through the education of geocachers, public officials, and the general public; to encourage safe, legal, and ethical geocaching practices; and to encourage and support an open, helpful, and fun geocaching community.

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August 2014 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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Month and Year: 
August 2014
COTM Theme: 
Best Urban Camo

IGO COTM for August is underway.  Please submit your nominations and vote for your favorite!    ***The theme for August is "Best Urban Camo".

Click on the title of this article for complete details.

Nominated Caches

Click to VoteIDDescription
Vote GC1GBFNI have a Bridge too by Olkb, Traditional Cache (2.5/1)
Vote GC355THHobo central by quitabeck, Traditional Cache (2/2)
Vote GC4BDNEStanwood Cache #1 by Kflock, Traditional Cache (2/1.5)
Vote GC1ZFT3Imagination At Work by joker3300, Traditional Cache (1/2) [COTM: June 2014]
Vote GC59BJWFifty-Three Skidoo by DTCBears, Traditional Cache (4/1.5)
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Bucky's got a new game for you.

Remember last year when you had to try and find the trackable Buckys by asking for him at events? This year Bucky wants you to "EXPLORE IOWA'S TERRITORIES AND TRAILS".

Visit the link on the left side of the page titled BUCKY'S MURALS for all the info you need to play.

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Hike n Seek 2014 is coming SOON!!

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GEOBoji Cache Fishin' --- IGO's (Iowa Geocachers Organization) eleventh annual Hike and Seek will be held on September 12-14, 2014, in the Iowa Great Lakes (Okoboji) area. 

This will be a great time to geocache around Okoboji since the busy summer season will be over. After Labor Day campgrounds are not as packed and motel rates are less than that during the peak summer season.

There will be 100 new caches in addition to the 200 existing official caches of various types and sizes within 10 miles of HnS 2014 headquarters on Emerson Bay of West Lake Okoboji.

Event caches will include a potluck Friday evening, catered dinner Saturday evening, and a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. Sidebar events include a TB/Pathtag Trader, Best-Dressed Cache Mobile, a couple of Flash Mobs, Museum visits and a CITO.  We are also planning 'early in' and 'late out' meet-and-greet events for the weekend.  Also, there will be kid-friendly organized activities.

Visit for detailed information.

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IGO's 2013 - 2014 TB Race

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IGO's 2013 - 2014 TB Race

IGO Virtual Donation Can

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 Haven't been to an event to donate to an IGO donation container but want to make a donation? Well here is your chance! The IGO Virtual Donation can will allow you to make a donation (in $5 increments) to your favorite Iowa Geocaching Organization-IGO!

choose amount from select box

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Supporting Membership

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Please do NOT combine your Supporting Membership order with other IGO products!  Failure to order separately may result in not being properly assigned supporting member status!!

Please click "Read More" to get details regarding your donation!

Supporting Member Prize Vault

The IGO Prize Vault is almost empty!!  We need help from our membership to fill the Prize Vault back up again.  So we are going to do something a little bit different for the month of August.  Any IGO member who donates a prize to the Prize Vault will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the Prize Vault.  It does not matter whether you are a Supporting Member or not, anyone that makes a donation to the Prize Vault has a chance to win.  

Event Commitee Begins Search

The Event Committee has begun it’s search for the 2015 Hike N Seek Event.  If the idea of hosting this event sounds wonderful, and you are interested please contact  or anyone on the events committee.  Other members include:  Hollfolk, Repmul, Digger9, and Doc29.  We’ll get additional information to you about the process.  Anyone interested should submit a brief plan and ideas they have for this event by July 30, 2014 so that the committee can consider all ideas and select the best h

IGO and BUcky Celebrate 10 Years

Iowa Geocachers Organization (IGO) is ten years old.  To celebrate this, the IGO Board of Directors will be hosting ten birthday parties through out the summer.  Below is a list of locations for these events.  Harlan, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, LeMars, Cedar Rapids, Mount Pleasant, Sac City, Clinton, DesMoines, Dubuque, and Ottumwa.  That’s right ten birthday celebration in ten different Iowa cities.  Not all of the celebrations have been scheduled yet so watch for the event near you.  Each event will have a game or two where you will be able to donate to IGO with c

For Supporting Members

As supporting memberships have been on the rise for the last few months, and I have finally spent the time to figure this out, and with the help of BOD members:  The IGO Board of Directors is proud to announce the re- introduction of the PRIZE VAULT.  Each month a random drawing will be held and a supporting members name will be drawn.  They will receive an email, inviting them to visit the PRIZE VAULT and select a prize.  When I receive their email, telling me which item they would like I will make arrangements to have that item shipped.