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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Join the IGO in congratulating the COs of the January COTM winning geocache.

The theme was:

Winter Friendly

The winning cache was:


11 Questions Later

1. Tell us about the COTM winning geocache. Was there an inspiration?

We were looking at the exterior of the Buffalo Bill Museum because we needed to help the proprietors come up with a geocache hide for a ‘museum week’ project, and had been given the lock-n-lock size 2 containers for each of the museums. When we saw the Bison(Buffalo), and the mulch, we thought just a little ‘outside the box’ so-to-speak, and asked the proprietor if he wanted to do something a little bit fun with the hide. He responded with, “That would be great!”.

2. How many geocaches have you found?

20,651 as of 1/3/2020

3. How many geocaches have you hidden?

500 as of 1/3/2020 (which includes about 30 adopted caches from oldtimer1, Hunt&Peck, and Blue Grass Tom). We also ‘try’ to maintain another 300+ caches (with the help of several other cacher friends to replace full or damp logs, and sometimes smaller containers), under a second geocaching account: IowaChupacabra. That name was taken from one of the first mystery caches we solved (of Blue Grass Tom’s) called El Chupacabra South (GC1815J).

4. How many countries have you geocached in?

6 countries. We’ve been to several more countries, but that was before we started geocaching.

5. Why did you start geocaching?

We love being outdoors, and doing just about every outdoor game and activity. We also both liked to do treasure hunts when we were younger, and set up ‘present’ hunts for our daughters on some of their earlier birthdays. When DTC’s job got him a smartphone, and he researched the game/activity, it looked like fun, so we tried it! The rest is history.

6. Which cache is your favorite hide?

The Noteworthy geo-art series, and some of our tougher puzzle caches.

7. What is your favorite find or most memorable?

There are too many to come up with just one. So here’s a few… Our first find: ‘Waste Not’ in Cedar Falls, Out of Sight in Barrington IL, our 10,000th find ‘Beverly’, any of the ‘state oldest’ caches, , Infernal Device in Oklahoma City, The Journal in Peoria IL, The Ironman, The Holy Grail, The HERKY puzzle series, The Indee Mustang puzzle series, ‘Cache the Fever’ near New Diggings, WI, ‘49 AND HOLDING THE CACHE A GOLD MINER'S DELIGHT’ in Pella IA, any of cschooner’s gadget caches in Phoenix/Mesa, all of HQ’s tour caches in Seattle. Oh… and this one: Johnny Islands Throne Room in Centralia, WA.

8. Which is your favorite type of geocache?

For Dave: Mystery/Unknown caches For Joyce: Gadget caches For Both: Caches that take us to unique and interesting locations or sights, and fun ‘bike & hike’ cache series(s) like ‘The G-Men’, ‘Route 66’, ‘Fanimamalies’, ‘Whizbangs’, etc.

9. Which Iowa county are most of your geocaches hidden in?

Scott County

10. What is your current geocaching goal?

Finish the U.S. States (need 4), finish the Jasmer.

11. Which achieved goal are you most proud of?

A combination of many: the 99 Iowa counties and Iowa DeLorme challenges, The Iowa Challenging Challenge Challenge, and the 5x25 IconXState Challenge.

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