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Supporting Member Spotlight - Mr. President & the First Family

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Meet your IGO President, Dodgecardoc, and the First Family; MKL8Y (this stands for Mary Kay Lady, not Mike’s Lady), WestHighCheer, and ThinMint!

1. What are your real names?

Michael, Sarah, Karli, and Jenna

2. Where is your home location?


3. When did you start Geocaching?

Michael signed up for a username on August 24, 2008 but didn't begin caching until September 29, 2010. Sarah tagged along with Michael and cached under his alias until finally branching out on her own on April 14, 2013. Karli & Jenna both decided "they got this" and ventured out on their own on April 7, 2014

4. How did you learn about Geocaching?

Michael's sister from Arizona told him about geocaching

5. What is your favorite part of Geocaching?

Going places you would have never even known about and learning really cool facts along the way

6. What types of caches do you enjoy most?

Michael loves doing all kinds of caches and Sarah really enjoys series such as geoart

7. What is the favorite cache you’ve found?

Michael's favorite cache would be Grand Theft Geoauto because, well, he's Dodgecardoc! Sarah's would be the G-MEN series in Dubuque; not only were the pages written amazingly, but we spent several weekends with friends camping to get them all done.

8. Outside of Geocaching, what other hobbies/interests do you enjoy?

We enjoy watching movies, camping and playing games

In addition, Mike has been serving on the Board of Directors since September 2014 and Sarah has been serving on the Board of Directors since September 2019.

1. What made you want to become a board member?

Michael loves to talk to people and sharing his hobby that he loves. Sarah likes to volunteer for events and help with the community.

2. What have you enjoyed most about being on the board?

Michael has enjoyed meeting people and getting new people interested in the hobby and is still amazed that so many people do not know what geocaching is. Sarah has enjoyed getting to know other geocachers better and being involved.

Thank you to Dodgecardoc, MKL8Y, WestHighCheer, and ThinMint for being supporting members of IGO!

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