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Supporting Member Spotlight - sandwcarnahan

Meet sandwcarnahan!

1. What is your real name?

Shawn and Wendy Carnahan

2. Where is your home location?

Cedar Rapids

3. When did you start Geocaching?

January 2008

4. How did you learn about Geocaching?

From Wendy’s parents, Team RonTon

5. What is your favorite part of Geocaching?

Enjoy some time outdoors and time together. The challenge of the hunt.

6. What types of caches do you enjoy most?

We like most anything, but not a big fan of puzzle caches.

7. What is the favorite cache you’ve found?

Wendy took a business trip to Oregon and found the first cache plaque. Her dad’s reaction was priceless.

8. Outside of Geocaching, what other hobbies/interests do you enjoy?

Spending time with our family. We also enjoy off-roading our Jeep. The Jeep has come in very handy in getting to and the retrieval of a few caches.

Thank you to sandwcarnahan for being supporting members of IGO!

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