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Supporting Member Spotlight - croling

Meet croling!

1. What is your real name?

Chris Roling

2. Where is your home location?

Marion, Iowa

3. When did you start Geocaching?

January 23, 2013

4. How did you learn about Geocaching?

We were hiring a new employee at work and Mark Freed (markayla) was interviewing for the position. We had some extra time at the end of the interview so I asked him what he liked to do for fun. Mark explained what geocaching was and I was hooked. (And yes, Mark got the job!)

5. What is your favorite part of Geocaching?

I love getting outside and going for a hike in the woods. I also love meeting other geocachers and finding areas that I never would have discovered without geocaching.

6. What types of caches do you enjoy most?

I love all non-traditional caches types, but my favorite would probably be multi caches. When I started geocaching, other cachers told me to avoid multi caches because you have to find multiple caches and you only get credit for one find. So I listened to them for a while and avoided them. One day I decided to try out one of moletrap & the tooth fairy's multi caches. After that time, my opinion completely changed and now they are my favorite cache type.

7. What is the favorite cache you’ve found?

All time favorite cache: GC4CEXX The Iron Box by Aceey

Favorite Puzzle Cache: GC7279B 1704 The Last Two Lightsabers of Balik Jaro by Blue Crow Expedition

Favorite Multi Cache: GC4TXB2 Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

Favorite Traditional Cache: GCR71H Lair of the Three-Headed Woman by King Boreas

Favorite Wherigo Cache: GC3K075 PappaJohn Sculpture Park by Bucknuts

Favorite Virtual Cache: GC5121 Wanna see a card trick by Dru Morgan

Favorite Earth Cache: GC1H8A9 Terrapin Point Horseshoe Falls by Rcross 1973

8. Outside of Geocaching, what other hobbies/interests do you enjoy?

I like to go running and biking. I just really enjoy being outside - I have never been someone that enjoys sitting around the house.

Thank you to croling for being a supporting member of IGO!

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